a study in sprint


One of the first classes I took during the Emerging Media Masters program was called Project Management and Innovation. During this class, we learned techniques for brainstorming and visualization and studied the key components of project management: project integration, project scope and scalability management, project time and cost management, quality management, human resource considerations, communications, risk management, and procurement management.

We studied a series of different agile methodologies for project management. One of the most useful resources we encountered was a book called Sprint: Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days.

As a team, we were tasked with using the Sprint methodology to develop the prototype for an emerging media solution. We had a month to live out the "week" of a sprint and what my team came up with was Class Match, a mobile app used to help graduate and undergraduate students find the courses that matched their interests and career goals. 

You can click through our pitch deck above or interact with the Class Match prototype here