make it resonate

To be honest, I don't really like public speaking. But somehow, it's became one of the things I did the most during my career as a graduate student. When I wasn't lecturing to the students in my classroom, I could be found preaching the gospel of great presentations all across campus.

I developed Make it Resonate as a way to teach small groups about presentation development. A lot of the concepts are adapted from a book called Resonate. Resonate is a free (!) online resource for put together by Duarte, a really cool company with a pretty profound understanding of presentations as a medium. Check them out.

Over the years, I've tailored guest-lectured to groups across campus such as:

  • UGA Women in Science, a student organization
  • New Media Capstone, an undergraduate course
  • Communicating Science, a graduate seminar
  • UGA Career Center
  • UGA School of Social Work

What I've learned is this: if you do something you don't like enough times, it might become something you're good at. And everyone likes to do things that they're good at.